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density::contAR2_t< scalartype_ > Class Template Reference

Continuous AR(2) process. More...

#include <density.hpp>

Public Member Functions

scalartype operator() (vectortype x, vectortype dx)
 Evaluate the negative log density of the process x with nuisance parameters dx.

Detailed Description

template<class scalartype_>
class density::contAR2_t< scalartype_ >

Continuous AR(2) process.

Process with covariance satisfying the 2nd order ode 
rho''=c1*rho'-rho on an arbitrary irregular grid. 
(shape=c1/2, -1<shape<1). Initial condition rho(0)=1, rho'(0)=0,

Process is augmented with derivatives in order to obtain exact sparseness of the full precision. That is, if a model is desired on a grid of size n, then additional n extra nuisance parameters must be supplied.

grid_Possibly irregular grid of length n
shape_Parameter defining the shape of the correlation function.
scale_Parameter defining the correlation range.

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