TMB Documentation  v1.9.1
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file  config.hpp [code]
 Configuration of user template.
file  convenience.hpp [code]
 Templates to get convenient R-like syntax.
file  convert.hpp [code]
 Convert vector/matrix-Types to double SEXP types.
file  distributions_R.hpp [code]
 Probability distribution functions.
file  dnorm.hpp [code]
 Univariate normal density.
file  lgamma.hpp [code]
 Gamma function and gamma probability densities.
file  TMB.hpp [code]
 Includes and sets all stuff needed to compile the user defined objective function.
file  tmb_core.hpp [code]
 Interfaces to R and CppAD.
file  tmb_enable_header_only.hpp [code]
 Include this file to extract declarations only.
file  tmb_enable_precompile.hpp [code]
 Include this file to extract declarations, definitions and selected code for pre-compilation.
file  toggle_thread_safe_R.hpp [code]
 Override subset of R-API with thread safe versions.
file  Vectorize.hpp [code]
 Macros to do vectorization.
License: GPL v2